Sleep and be happy

A bad night’s sleep can make even the nicest person grumpy. But when you’ve slept well, you wake up prepared to seize the day and take over your world. Sleep prepares our brain for daily social and emotional interactions and Zeez helps to prepare you for sleep. So do your brain a favor and give it a rest…it (and everyone else) will thank you the next day.

Beat back the bugs

Mom always tells us to get lots of rest when we’re sick. Turns out she knows what she’s talking about. During quality sleep, the immune system’s activity is boosted, preventing colds and flus from ruining your day. And if you’re already sick, Zeez can help you get the sleep you need to fight off those bothersome bugs and get back on track quickly.

Energy & focus…naturally

You lead a busy life – career, kids, school, superhero – the list goes on. Without proper sleep, your energy meter goes down fast. Who wants to go through their day like a sleep deprived zombie? Getting quality sleep with Zeez helps you focus in all aspects of your life – and gives you the energy to be a superhero!

Sleep well, look good

Who knew your pillow and waistline were so connected? When you sleep, your body releases all sorts of chemicals to manage how you metabolize the stuff you put into it. Turns out quality sleep and a healthy lifestyle help you get the right stuff flowing for a healthier, leaner body. Managing your sleep with the help of Zeez can be a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to managing your weight.

Sleep. When you want to

Big day tomorrow? Need to get to bed early? Zeez can help. Bright lights, TV before bed and other environmental factors can prevent your body from producing nutrients that help you fall asleep. But you can replace those nutrients by taking Zeez a half-hour before bed. The 14 different vitamins, minerals and herbs in Zeez have been specially formulated to help you fall asleep gently and safely…when you want to.

Toss and turn no more

Sometimes it seems like the cards are stacked against you getting a solid snooze. Stress, diet, travel, and odd work hours can all wreak havoc on your ability to stay asleep causing you to toss and turn all night. To combat this, the Zeez formula has been precisely tailored to provide you with a full night of uninterrupted sleep. So unless you live next door to a train station, firehouse, or airport, you can fight back with Zeez.

Great sleep cycles = great sleep

When you sleep, you go through five distinct sleep cycles. A good night’s sleep doesn’t just depend on time spent with your eyes closed, but time spent in each sleep cycle. Zeez not only helps you fall asleep, it also helps you get the right amount of each sleep cycle so you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. Seize the night with Zeez.

Practice perfect sleep

Zeez is designed to be used as a daily supplement to support balanced sleep patterns. Used daily, you can rest assured knowing that your body is getting the nutrients it needs for great sleep. By getting quality sleep, you give yourself more energy and focus, fewer colds and illnesses, a fitter body, and a healthier mind. No matter how you look at it, we could all use a few good Zeez.

Fresh. Local. Quality

Our philosophy around here is pretty simple. We do our very best to make it fresh, get it local, and ensure it’s quality. That’s why we use all-natural ingredients whenever possible. We’re constantly working with our suppliers to bring you the freshest, most effective, and highest quality sleep products on the market. We take this stuff pretty seriously, so when you get Zeez, you know you’re getting the best.

Tread lightly

When Zeez began, we decided to make our eco footprint as small as possible. That’s why our bottles have always been made from 100% recycled plastic, which we encourage you to re-recycle. And our bottle labels are printed with veggie dyes by the label lady down the street from our main offices. Last, all of our shipping is carbon neutral. These things really aren’t too difficult, and doing them helps us sleep better at night!

Do no harm

We’re not all vegan here at Zeez, but we respect those who are. That’s why our products don’t contain any animal byproducts or use animals for any testing purposes ever. Zeez is proud to be human tested and animal approved.

Made in the U.S.A.

We’re proud to have our products manufactured in the United States. Not that we have any issues with stuff from other countries, we just think supporting our community makes it better. Thanks for supporting us, we sure like helping you get the best sleep ever.

Tired of being tired

What happens when a milkman with a biology degree has to wake up at 2:30 a.m., four days a week? He invents Zeez.

Sleep. Don’t underestimate it

It all came from realizing the hard way how important sleep is in all aspects of life. Our founder, fresh out of college, was hired by his uncle…a career milkman. As time passed, lack of quality sleep began to take a toll.

Think sleep

Working a job with awful hours prompted our new milkman to start thinking seriously about sleep and how to improve it. After trying all sorts of sleep products that never seemed to work, he decided to make his own.

Help from the experts

After a lot of experimentation and collaboration with nutritional experts, Zeez was born. Zeez is for people who value their health and value a good night’s sleep. Remember, sleep is good for mind, body, and soul – and Zeez is good for sleep.