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Zeez Original

Zeez is a special blend of 14 different herbs, vitamins and minerals that work with your body to to provide restful productive sleep. It’s designed to be taken everyday, just like your favorite vitamins, to improve overall sleep health. It’s completely safe and non-addictive so what are you waiting for? Start getting some Zeez.


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The best sleep product around, but built especially for kids! We remember the good old days when life was just too exciting for bedtime, so we designed Zeez Kidz to help those aged 5-12 get the rest they need for their active lives. These sheep-shaped chewables are sugar-free, all natural, and the perfect addition to a great bedtime story.

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Business people, jet-setters, and international spies all agree that jet lag can be a drag. Zeez Travel is a specially formulated three-day regimen that will have you sleeping better from day one...when you want to. Don’t waste that hard-earned vacation or business meeting by snoozing through it. Get acquainted with your new surroundings with Zeez Travel.

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Muscles are not built at the gym, nor on the field, or during competition. Muscles are built in bed. During sleep your body repairs and builds the muscle you stressed during training. Don’t let that hard work go to waste by not getting the high-quality sleep your muscles need. Zeez MUSCLE maximizes your sleep cycles for maximum muscle growth. Sleep strong with Zeez MUSCLE.

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Feel a slight sniffle coming on? Think you may have caught a cough? We’ve packed Zeez Immunity with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals while still providing the great sleep you’ve come to expect from the Zeez name. Keep those bugs at bay with Zeez Immunity.

kids sleep vitamins coming soon
travel sleep vitamins coming soon
muscle sleep vitamins coming soon
immunity sleep vitamins coming soon

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What’s in Zeez?

We feel it’s important that you know exactly what’s in Zeez to see if it’s right for you. Below you’ll find a list of our ingredients. We can’t tell you how much of each ingredient we put into the Zeez formula, it’s top secret! But you can rest assured knowing that Zeez is non-addictive and safe for everyday use. Also, unlike other products on the market, Zeez won’t lose its effectiveness over time. Of course, if you have any questions, let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.